Massage & Poetry

‘’With so much before me, so many emerald trees, and
Weed-whitened fields, mountains and lakes, how could I not
Be only myself, this dream of flesh, from moment to moment?’’

This is a day in the Anatolians Oriental Massage Parlour, people gather and as they do massage, relax, socialize, they are being amused by the poems and the artists. It is said that an aromatherapy massage in the Anatolians massage parlour is so good that only poetry can describe it. So, are you a romantic soul, an artistic explorer or just love to be massaged this is the ideal place to have organic tees or an excellent herbal Ancient Greek style treatment. Greeks are well known for their herbal remedies and the philosophical approach of life. That’s way they were philosophizing and developed such great ideas. There are poems for the human body, the sensational art of touching, the courrage massage touching from your friend to resist the battle or the sports. There are poems for the aromas and the canddle light dance. Everything with poetry becomes magical and is this ability of humans, that makes life so beautiful. Every wednesday there is a discount for the wannabe poets, they deliver their poem to the reception and they get a discount. In the spa there are senssions they read poetry as people around chillout and sink in their own thoughts. So, what a nice life eh?


~MY HANDS~ By Leonora Galinta

With all the time on my handsI gave my hands one job. My Hands   -The Artist-My hands paint everything in my lifethey paint my weakness, my strength they paint the fire in my eyesthey hold me when I’m coldWhen I need them the most,Like an architect, my hands colored my childhood,In one touch they drew the plans and layouts of my life.

My hands *very articulate, are they?* They continue to sew and show the way Sometimes, my hands paint the truthSometimes, my hands paint lies— Painting hurtful images on drywallMy palms, my fingers embedded calluses from every fallCreating images, healing my heartSometimes my hands are the only friend I see.

With no words to sayI caress the sky like a mimeMy hands ride the wind, My hands paint the world, Young and pretty fingerprints They feel, they hold, they gripDon’t let go!Clever and cuteIt’s time for motherhood

My hands painted your first holdTraced your first smileA painting I treasure in my heartYes! A Rembrandt they became during birth Now you’re all grown up…:-( Embarrassed to embrace the holdOne day when I’m old, you will hold my hands and remember the gold.My hands paint designs when it comes to lovesometimes a masterpiece sometimes a mistakesometimes my hands feel images I can’t describeHandicap moments when lost—

My hands perfect when in loveThey write songs when completeSo many interlock moment with youFirm, the perfect match, my fingers spoke.My hands -The Artist- they’ve been told!!!Held so many times,always meeting, greeting, waving hello’s and goodbyes… ((you see my hands, they smile too))Painful, arthritis, cuts, bruisespinching my way through reality. Reaching holding on to dreamsclapping, snapping fingers, we are a team.

My hands age in every turning pageShriveled and oldStill you embrace and love the holdMy hands touch and made a difference,my hands employed by me!

My hands give and prayRight and Left, they know their duty!When they are bored, they tap-tapand draw THAT annoying noise.

My hands know secrets, a fortune teller can’t revealthey hold the past, present, and future in every line.I extend my hands, without flipping the bird.Thank you, Hands, I enjoy a good sign language show!In my next life, or so, I will praise my handsYes so beautiful, tender, they love to feel…….My Hands   -The Artist- I can’t believe with all the time on my hands,I forgot to mention I’m left-handed.


In the Anatolians Oriental Massage in Athens in Greece they believe that one of the most beautiful things in life is poetry and the other is an aromatherapy massage. So, don’t miss the opportuntiy to feel, to express, to enjoy the scents, don’t miss the opportunity to celebrate your body and your self with a good Athenian aromatherapy massage and maybe your genetic code remembers again the values of life, that is to enjoy yourself;

The Athens Oriental & Anatolians Massage.



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