The power of symbols.

In Anatolians Massage Therapies we want massage to become a unique experience. We love our job and first want to have fun; It is a very cheerfull cosy quite place where massage involves drinking herbs and liquers. Aromatherapy is being celebrated in a way that massage therapy becomes sensantional for men and women. In Anatolians massage in Athens in Greece, the key to the massage is the energy charging of thy self, the senssion is a Journey to Enlightenment. Holistic approach of life says that men are not only physical but their nature is being connected with other spiritual wolrds. Massage is a charging process calling energy to support the treatment being enhanced by the crystals, canddles, massage techinques, aromas, sounds and symbols.The symbols are geometric figures, well know as the music of the spheres (planets) the mathematical symbols of Pythagoras.

What are the symbols, The sybols represent the different energies in earth the therapist calls to support the therapy senssion, the elemental energies on earth and other samanic practises they were developped in the Mediterannean region by the the Greeks and the Egyptians. The Greek chakra body energy zones consist of 5 chakra and 72 body energy zones. This simplifies the charging energy process and makes the technique a very usefull tool for the world of the massage. Alexandros who developed this way of massaging travelled 12 years allover the world to gather and combine the massages of the world.

In the Holistic Massage in the Anatolians Therapies we use geometric seals. The powerful seals are being activated on the body of the person through bioenergy and reiki methods in physical and astral plane. They work as a powerful instrument for an easy and smooth transition into the current transformational times enhancing the flow. There are seals representing the arts, the gods, wealth, protection, empowerment etc with impressive results from high trained therapists.

Spiritual growth, knowihg thy self, self empowerment, abundance, a very individualistic but human approach to life with responsibility are some of the Enlightenment’s values. With our work and true beliefs to human it is our intention to assist our clients in achieving a body balance and a life full of awareness, beauty and harmony from a western point of view. Inner-transformation in the Anatolians massage therapies are an energy charging senssion to ourself, for the most valuable element of our life, our body,said to be our vehicle to life and has to be strong;

Created By Alex

Skopeloy & Kaykasoy, 11363, Athens, Greece



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